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Panda Blossoms

This game started in with a prototype in Android SDK 8 then restarted in LibDGX (Java). Now using Unity(C#) over this project that is  a real-time strategy with learnable content, good attention on the journey that each player have, leveling the game to them and using simple but efficient user interface. Challenging, competitive, fun and a mode for turn based multi-playing.. without leaving the scope for social players too. A full blown development and study project tackling all my skills and expertise forcing me to sprout.


Steady Hands Party

Portable Game that intend to create some synergy between friend inner group. The conceptual aspects foment the touch, grabbing human interaction in a controversial society that make each person(not much of a friend) to play in the conform of their house against/with each other.  Bonding is a word of order and that can’t be done if no one is getting together. As Panda Wars the server side is made in PHP and MySQL.

Blog Pages

Work In Progress

I’m presently active in the process of creation of two exciting game projects. To allow people have a look at my progress from time to time I’ve been posting Development Diary in a blog format expressing my frustrations as also achievements .

Development Diary





About Me



My skills will depend on the moment since I’m always moving to one and another technology. I will enumerate some of them, not presented by order:

UX, UI, Gamification, Gaminomics, Game Design, Playful Design, Javascript, Jquery, Angular, Unity, Java, JSP, Structs, Spring, Thymeleaf,  SVN,  LibGDX, C, C++, C#, AS3,  PHP, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, Miscrosoft SQL, Oracle SQL, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Captivate, Apple Logic Pro, Apple GarageBand, Sony SoundForge & Acid, Linux, Desenrasca, Team leader: milestones, project task division, personnel enhancement. 


My name is Lisarte Barbosa good to meet you. I developed a great passion for game development, specially how they motivate and teach their players: new and important knowledge. I made my Master Degree in Informatics Engineering with a specialization at Graphic Systems & Multimedia obtaining a 2:1. Came to U.K. Expecting for an opportunity to work in the area.

Also affectionate with audio, sound , music Metal Rock Blues & Jazz. But unfortunately unable to continue due to lack of time & and my UK “trip” pushing to a very different situation comparing back when I was playing at least once a week live.



Easy User Interfaces, Simple ArtDesign && Mind Games

Letter Crumbs

Adobe Flash AS3, English, Games, Português, UI Design

Thalita Vicente

Web Design

Centro Social Arvorense

Web Design


Web Design


Adobe Illustrator, Logo Design

Random Particles in Flash AS3

Adobe Flash AS3

DALCH – Prezi Presentation

Learning-Software, Português

DALCH – Sound Audio & Acoustic Prototype – PT

Adobe Illustrator, Audio Sound & Acoustics, Learning-Software, Logo Design, Português, UI Design


Other Interests



Nowadays is my main instrument but I started with classical piano. I do Love to improvise over lines of Jazz, Blues and Rock.



A man need good food in the stomach with good flavour in the mouth trying some dishes around the world.



I do enjoy to draw and paint. Unfortunately nowadays I don not have much time and space, but is something that I will resume. 



Music always has been one of my biggest passions. Good music and no favourite artists, all are different, all days my mood is different for music.

Writing & Reading

Writing & Reading

I do have nurture myself my ideas, opinions and update myself to the world around me. I like to write stories that in the end might finish in a game.



My first introduction was directly to a vast amount of Serious Games of my primary school in Switzerland. From that moment on I valued games and learning.



I enjoy playing football although don’t have enough patience to watch a game. I do any sport to get stronger physically, mentally and psychosocially.



As I grew up I learn to do what ever was need to find a solution by searching, learning, trying and fixing..testing

… then upgrading!

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