Final Major Project

For my Final Major Project at university, we had an open brief. I decided to tackle the issue of dirty air within the home, specifically looking at the quality of air for people such as young children, asthma sufferers and older people. The design process started with extensive research and sketching out initial ideas. I then went on to build my ideas in Rhino, a 3D modelling package. This led me to using the 3D printer to build my model using the Rhino file. I also built a third scale model using a a lathe and a vacuum former. As the images show, for the final presentation I also rendered the 3D file in Keyshot to bring my idea to life.

For this project I received an A and I was asked to display my work during the end of year university show at ‘The Wing’ Silverstone.

Scenario Board2 Sketch Board2General Assembly Drawing2Exploded Render2 Final Render2Renders in Environment2